The HALO Network

In our first trimester at Macleay College our Intro to Digital Media class was given a group assignment to research and define a consumer need and as a response, develop a proposal for a digital media project. Our all female team of 3 decided to research women’s safety concerns and use digital media to tackle a current issue.

Challenge: “How can we help women enjoy a night out – and return home safely?”

Solution: A collaborative digital driven approach to addressing the critical issues faced by the hospitality industry and its patrons regarding drink spiking and associated antisocial behaviours – The HALO Network.


We conducted secondary research to understand the depth of the problem and who it affected the most. We found from the data collected, that drink spiking is a growing concern threatening women’s safety. 4 out of 5 victims were female and two thirds of suspected drink spiking incidents occurred in licensed premises. Not only were patron’s frustrated, the matter presented itself as an issue of conflict for the venues themselves.

Infographic highlighting the consumer need our team identified around the issue of drink spiking




Intro to Digital Media

Team Members:
Emma Puiatti
Katherine Rigby
Jessica Zevaka

My Role:
Background research
Product branding
User flow maps

20 minute pitch
Written proposal